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Our Wilderness Compact 2+ has all the attributes from its smaller brother the Compact 2, however it comes with 2 extra LEDs. Fitted with 4 x 5w CREE LEDs and producing 2200 Lumens, they come with a choice of a flood, spot or scene reflective beam pattern. The Compact 2+ scene light is fitted with larger 10w chips to produce an impressive 2800 lumens in a very close area. This small light unit certainly punches above its weight when it comes to lumen output. Very versatile due to its very small size means it can be fitted virtually anywhere while its flexible mounting bracket gives 90 degree’s of fitment. Ideal work or driving light when fitted on smaller machines when space is a premium. Fully ECE Approved to ECE R10 Standard.

These lights not only look good but they are also very tough..... with a market leading water and dust ingress rating of IP69K meaning you can actually wash the lights with a high pressure spray with a temperature of up to 90 degrees - this rating is the highest level achievable and usually found within the food industry for sterilising products. As the lights are fully water and dust proof they would be equally comfortable mounted on a boat and can be fully submersed in water for long periods.  

The housing of the light is made of weather-resistant and waterproof aluminium and coated with a UV-resistant paint to prevent chipping and fading for a lasting finish. The standard colour is black. The lenses used are equally hard wearing as its aluminium housing. The 3mm Lexan lens are optically transparent despite being unbreakable and scratch-resistant.  

These COMPACT 2+ lights come with a water proof Deutsch connector on the light together with a matching connector with wire tail. A full wiring harness can be purchased separately from our accessory page. Mounting brackets and hard ware also included ready for installation. 

4 x 5 watt CREE white LED chips - 20 watts
Massive 2200 LM of light produced while drawing only 1.8 Amp
Spot light reflective beam pattern - 10 degrees
Natural white light

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