About Us

So who is Terrafirma Factory Racing...


Terrafirma Factory Racing (TFFR) was born in 2016, as a result of the close relationship between the Moose Offroad Race Team and Terrafirma 4x4 Accessories.

Having worked closely together for many years developing tuneable suspension systems for off-road Land Rovers, a gap in the market was seen to bring a new high-end range of bespoke products to users competing in top-level International competitions – on a clubman budget.

Whilst Terrafirma are synonymous with Land Rover based vehicles, which still outnumber many other brands of production-based competition 4x4s, there are increasingly new individual projects and chassis builders developing their own frames, which push the boundaries of off-road performance. Influence from American events such as the now legendary “King of the Hammers”, has encouraged new designs of both beam axle and independent suspension trucks. This has brought along demand for increased suspension travel and multiple bypass tube dampers capable of fine-tuning both bump and rebound movement throughout the entire range of shock travel.

The Moose Offroad team have taken their experience gained racing in Ultra 4 Europe, endurance events such as the Croatia and Transylvania Trophies and National level rallying to bring this great range of new products to market.

Our ethos is to offer a fully tuneable and re-buildable suspension package that is great quality and yet still affordable. You will find our latest products fitted to their own competition vehicles, regularly pushing them to their design limits and beyond in truly gruelling conditions. We also support a number of clubman race teams across a variety of off-road disciplines, using this knowledgeable feedback gained to constantly improve our products.