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OffRoad Coilovers integrate the springs which support the weight of your vehicle and the shocks which absorb the forces as you drive.

Coilover shocks save space by combining these two integral parts of your suspension into one.Our Coilovers come in 2.0 inch and 2.5 inch inch diameter shock bodies. If your vehicle is intended to be driven faster, you will want a wider diameter.

2.0 inch diameter shocks are typically seen on light vehicles, such as buggies. Since these vehicles are very light, the 2.0 diameter shock body is sufficient. Rock crawlers also use 2.0 diameter shocks, on average, since they do not travel very fast and therefore the shocks don’t generate as much heat.

2.5 diameter coilovers are the most widely used and popular coilovers. These coilovers are typically used on Ultra4 truck, buggies, mud trucks, rock crawlers and more.

These coilovers can support the weight of heavy full bodied vehicles without any problems.

The advantage of the 2.5 over the 2.0 diameter is that the larger shock body has more oil capacity and surface area for cooling.

The better thermal properties prevent shock fade and aeration. They also have a 8-stage adjuster in the remote reservoir to allow you to quickly adjust the compreesion damping.2.5dual are the top spec coilovers we offer, they have all the benifits of the standard 2.5 but with the addition of a second 8-stage adjuster at the bottom mounting point to allow you to adjust the rebound charecteristics too. 2.5dual coilovers allow the user to really fine tune the car before and even during an event so you always get the best from them.

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